posting the proiduction order error

Hi All

When i am posting the production order followinf error occurs:

Production: Prod-00015

Posting - Report as finished journal

Journal: 000046_084

Line No: 1.00

Item number 100041400003 has not been completely released.

Update has been canceled.

Please advise.


You have not posted the required pick list journal generated. There is a component that the system expects to be consumed and is not. If you have posted it short you need to check the end box.

can u tell me transactional wise step how can i check.

At the start you told it, possibly, to create a picking list journal, you may be doing this at the report as finished stage, it depends upon the configuration of your items and how you are telling the system to do it on each prompt. Check first the picking list journal, then check your start parameters, then RAF parameters (both are on the form of each update).

what parameters i have to check, please advise me as i am new in this production module.Here i am fwding u th escreen shots. follow the beloe link:

1004.picking.docx (217 KB)

You set it to reflect the processing and can be different on the start of different production orders depending upon the requirement. You have chosen at the start to post it but to physically reduce the consumption to the on hand and at the same time not end the line. This means if you need 10 and have 8 in stock you have left 2 behind and the system will correctly warn you of this.

Thanks Adam for replying

Well Adam can u suggest me what should be the setup, as my requirement is just i want to track my consumption(inventory). If the raw material is there in my stock only then production order should process. And what will be the setup if the inventory is not there.


So ignoring the system you want a pick list to tell you to get 7 of 10 as you have 7 in stock. What is then the business process to get the additional 3 as you need them to make the full production order? Tell me this and I will tell you your settings, but my advice would be to not backflush residual, but to manually create a journal for the three and then post it with the line ended. There is less automation because you are only picking available.

no no no adam, i want 7 or less if i have 7 in stock. If it is less system ping u dont have on hand physical. My problem is this when i make the post of RAF error comes(see my first post) why it is coming and how can i fix it.And also when i print the picking list for one or two item it is showing blank. If on the general tab of RAF, i check mark the “Accept error” then, it is posted and get END. Actually i am new in Axapta just working from the last 6-7 month and on the production i have just started from 1 or one and a half month back and learning of my own.

You are reducing physical because you are reserving and auto-posting and not allowing negative stock. The options are many depending upon the processing and requirements. You are consuming at RAF, this is one of many options. If you make 10 and have 7 components in stock and flush 7 how can you RAF 10 when you need 10 components, it makes no sense. If you accept the error you can post it without the propoer consumption, AX is warning you this, you are simply accepting the error.

You need to understand the production system, read the manual and try to understand the options. You can configure it to do many things, but it will not necessarily be correct processing.

I hve create the production order of 10 quantity of an item, in which i have one line item is of BOM type (Sub BOM). When i create the Production order, it become two production order one for the 10 quantity item and other is for sub-BOM. When i select the sub BOM production order and go in general tab and see the quantity it is showing 0.01, as in the BOM line we are using this Sub-BOM 10gm per quantity. i think i should be 0.1

when i see the price calculation its price is showing zero.

And also the inventory for Sub BOM is not deducting.

Please guide me…

So you set the BOM up incorrectly, it is related as a quantity of the parent in the UOM of stock of the sub-BOM that is then expressed as a quantity of the BOM it is in. Basically your BOM is not set correctly. As you have set this to produce the Sub-Production you need to complete it to RAF and then consume through processing of the parent.

yes u were right, i correct the BOM now it is taking the correct quantity. But now when i am processing the production order at the START click when i print the picking list it is just showing one item but it consist of 8 line items. Can u tell me where it is going wrong.


You have created two orders, so you need to start the two orders. You have not told me the BOM structure or the one you are starting. If you do not want a reference BOM and want to see it all on one order and pick list why have you set it up in this manner?

I have design the BOM in which eight lines are there, from this one line is BOM(Sub-BOM) with type production. Now when i am creating the Production Order of this Item, and when i click on estimation, two production order created automatically one for the original item and one for the sub-BOM, i am processing the production order of Sub-BOM first, as logic says to produce the Sub-Bom first.

This is the procedure which i am doing.

My problem is this while generating the picking list, it is showing only one item instad of 8 same is happening with the Sub-BOM production order.

My process is to do the production with inventory tracking. Above is the setup which i understand by reading the manual (not full just the partial).

Please help me i stuck at the picking list.


Check the start parameters for raising the picking list. Depending upon what you are asking it to do will depend upon what is produced.

No No Adam u r picking me wrong. Actually when i process these production order and the picking list generated it is showing just one item. And after analysing i find that it is showing only that item whose inventory unit, sales unit, and purchase unit and BOM unit are same i.e. pcs. Can u please advise me where i am doing wrong.


Then you have modified the report. Check the journal does it have more lines, if not then it is the start parameters.

The start parameters are ciritcal because these control WHAT appear on the picking list journal as well. These are by physical reduction, flushing method, operation, etc, etc,

in the picking journal i have selected:

under voucher:Selected by: Posting

under Posting:Detail level:Summary

In The start of the production order:

Under picking list journal:

Automatic BOM Consumption: Flushing Principle

post picking list now:Checked

Physical reduction:checked

Complete picking list journal: checked

Print picking list:checked

this is the set up.Can u please suggest me what i have to do, for posting the complete picking list ans also it get deducted from the inventory.