Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with 'on order' status.

I was trying to post a picking list for a production order when I received this error as related to a specific item from the BOM. I couldn’t find any descent solution to the error condition so I eventually deleted the picking list lines in question, counted the inventory out using an Inventory Count journal and then was able to post the picking slip and the count journal separately.

Now I am trying to update the status of the production order to “End” and I’m getting the same error. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Generate a picking list for the order, have a look at the inventory transaction and make sure it is on order - just check it. Then post the consumption with 0 reported. This will mess up any costing for this order - I presume it is not in a live environment, if it is, book in the stock removed through the count journal and then post the pick list. You have to ensure the dimensions all match depending upon what you have configured.

Adam - thanks for the response. This is a LIVE environment but I’ve already accounted for the consumption in a count journal so creating another variance isn’t going to make things any worse. When I attempted to create the picking list I got another error.

“Quantity #### cannot be updated with inventory reference Prod. picking list journal because inventory transactions with status On order, Reserved ordered, Reserved physical or Picked are insufficient.”

You are getting this message on creation? How are you trying to create the pick list journal?

From the Production Order → Journals->Picking List->[button]->Picking List->Create Lines

Yes but then you chose how to create the lines - what are you choosing and at what point is the message being called?

What happens if you just manually enter the lines into the pick list journal and post it?

Okay Adam I figured out the issue with creating the picking list. I need to remove the check box from “Consumed=Proposal”. I have created the picking list with zero consumption and marked all of the “End” boxes. But when I attempt to post I receive the same error message “Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status.” related to a specific item in the picking list.

You will have to get a developer to de-bug it - you are consuming nothing so there should be no call of stock, I presume these are all simply inventory items and consumption is zero on each and the post is the posting of the picking list and not the posting of RAF or any subsequent process.