Production Picking List

AX-2012 R2

Unable to post production picking list journal

Item must be picked first. journal has not been posted.

Kindly provide solution.

Hi Danish,

Are you trying to end the production order and AX is showing to you the messagem above?

If the answer the my question is YES it happens because when you initiated the production order you created Picking List Journal.

Then you should post Picking List Journal and after to finished the production order.

If the answer the my question is NO you should give more information about.

Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply

Sir I am trying to post picking slip, the status of production order is started.

I posted the route card but unable to post the picking list journal.


Ali Danish

Check the Item Model group(s) for the item(s) in the picklsit journal.

It sounds like you may have the “Picking Requirements” setting checked. If this is the case, you will need to register the items in the journal before posting.

Thanks Sir

Yes in Item model my picking requirements setting checked.

May I know how to register items in journals ?

In picking list journal for production order status Started, I already have all the items.

Picking list journal is automatically created by system.


Hi Ali,

You access Register form through:

Picking List Journal > botton Lines > botton Inventory > option Register.

Kind regards,

Murilo Oliveira

What is the returned message when you go to the open automatically created picking list journal and press the post button? Is it the “picked” one in your post? So you are saying the status of the inventory transaction has to be picked prior to update? So then registration is required. Sorry not clear on what you are doing - why would you component item model group have picking requirements?