Picking List error in production

Dear all,

After Starting production order, picking list Journal is not generating, Giving infolog as picking list is empty.

Here i have sufficient ON-HANd quantity to start production.

Please help me to resolve this issue…

Is this the info exactly what you are getting.

Are there any changes done to it???

after starting production order and selecedt post picking list now, print picking list ,

Infolog shows,

Picking list report is empty.

I also check production order–.> Journals–>picking list , Here it’s also empty.

What is your Automatic BOM consumption when you start the production?

I think it is Never - change this to Always or Flushing Principle…

And check the production order has a BOM [:D] There is either no BOM or you are not telling it to create the journal - what are your start parameter picking list settings?

Dear Mr.Kranti,

Thank you for kind info .Now it’s working