windows 2003 terminalserver and navision 3.60

Hi! I have installed the terminalservices (120 days) on a windows 2003 server. When I try to install attain 3.60 (minimum version) in the add/remove software window navision setup is at the end cancelled! How could I get navision on my windows 2003 server? Thanks Fred

I had the same problem. The result was returning back to Windows 2000 Server [:)] Has somebody solved this “feature”? -

This has been discussed. Search for “install_ts”.

Anyone have one solution for this problem This is for 3.70, but it’s the same solution. I can email You a script for 3.60 if You want

FYI. Hotfix 12 for Navision 3.70 ( has fixed the installation program error causing problems on Citrix and Terminal Server instllations, I believe. This means that the above-mentioned script is no longer needed from this version onwards.

Thank’s Robert!

Hi, Sorry guys, but i only see the post search for install_TS after i posted my question, but aftar that i look for the script and i already made the instalation. Thank you, once again and have a very good 2004, Nuno