Installing Navision Attain Clent on Terminal serve

I’m trying to install Navision Attain client on terminal server. It doesn’t install, every time rolles back the installation. Anyone had this problem? Thanks

Any error message?

No error message. Just roll back of instalation and message that installation not completed succesfully. I have Windows 2003 server with active terminal services and Navision Attain Client 3.60.

This is a known issue, which needs a specific way of installing. The following procedure can be found on the Partner-guide 5service request DK-260-920-JE6V (


This is the procedure to installing Navision 3.70 on Windows 2000/2003-Based Terminal Server. Installing Navision 3.70 on Windows 2000/2003-Based Terminal Server Because of a number of problems involving Windows Installer starting when Navision is running, (for example, when the user presses F1 or activates objects that use Word automation), a workaround for the installation procedure is described here. How to install: 1. Copy the contents of the Client folder from the product CD to a temporary folder. 2. Copy the files attached in this note to the same folder. 3. Switch to install mode on the Terminal Server. This can be done with the command "change user /install’ from a command prompt or by simply running the install script from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. 4. Run Install_TS.bat to install the Navision Client. Syntax: "INSTALL_TS " : SourcePath Full path to the location of the MSI file. Note: Be aware that installing Microsoft Data Access Components can require you to reboot your server

The files described in the procedure are available on (I tried to attach the files to this message, but the upload form return me an error …) Path not found /forum/outputFile.asp, line 44 For those interested in those files, you can download them (zip, 10kB) at

Is this still a Topic in Navision 4.0 installation? Or have the Installation for Navision 4.0 been corrected? I can’t find any note for TS installation for 4.0…

I didn’t had any problem on a win2003 TS server for Nav4.0 I used the “Add Program” option from Add/Remove Programs

It was corrected in 3.70B if I remeber correct. It’s no problem in 4.0. /Lars

try this…;en-us;816598