Help !!!! Terminal Services

We are in testing with Navision SQL Option on Terminal Services WIn2000. We have a test box running SQL and WTS. We expect to have only 3 - 4 users connecting in this environment. The production environ will NOT have SQL / WTS running on the same machine. Anyway, everytime NavSQL Option is launched, the installer starts briefly 2 - 5 secs, before the client launches. It happens everytime whether on the server or in a WTS session. I have removed and reinstalled Nav Client already. Any help will be appreciated Devin W. McMahon, MCDBA

Hi Devin, Here is that I got from Navision Partnerguide site, maybe could solve your problem. Question Are there any problems when installing Navision Attain 3.01.B on a Windows 2000-based Terminal Server? Answer Yes. Some problems are generated due to Windows Installer interferring with user operations. (For example, when the user presses F1 or activates objects that use Word automation.) Due to a number of problems with Windows Installer activating during the execution of Navision Attain, a workaround for the installation procedure is described here. Manual Installation of Navision Attain 3.01.B on Windows 2000-Based Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame Prerequisites: 1. Log off all users running Navision Attain on Terminal Server. 2. Log on to Terminal Server as Administrator. 3. If Navision Attain is already installed, remove the application. (You can do this through Add/Remove Programs.) Copy Navision Attain files 1. Create two new folders for Navision Attain program files: a. one folder for the client, for example, C:\program files\Navision Attain\client. b. one folder for Navision common files, for example, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Navision. 2. Copy all files on the installation CD from the CD-ROM drive:\Client\W1\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client to the client folder (mentioned in section a above). Note that you can leave out the database.fdb and database.fbk files. 3. Copy all files and the subfolders (Application Handler, MAPI and Timer) from the CD-ROM drive:\Client\W1\Common\Navision to the common files folder (mentioned above in section b above). 4. Make sure the read-only attribute is removed from all files. Register Navision Attain DLLs (Dynamic Link Library) 1. In the client folder, register the following DLLs: NSObjectXProxy.dll ROTAccess.dll 2. Open a command prompt, go to the client folder, and do the following: Type ‘regsvr32 NSObjectXProxy.dll’ and press enter. Type ‘regsvr32 ROTAccess.dll’ and press enter. 3. In the Navision common files folder, register the following DLLs: NSAppHandler.dll Msmapi32.ocx Ntimer.dll 4. Open a command prompt, go to the Navision common files folder and do the following: Type ‘regsvr32 NSAppHandler.dll’ and press enter. Type ‘regsvr32 Msmapi32.ocx’ and press enter. Type ‘regsvr32 Ntimer.dll’ and press enter. Create a shortcut for Navision Attain 1. In Microsoft Explorer, hold the right mouse button down on the fin.exe or finsql.exe file and drag it to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop. Click Create Shortcut(s) Here. All users will now be able to run Navision Attain from their desktop. 2. We recommend using user-specific setup files for Navision Attain, so add the parameter id=%username% to the shortcut. Known Issues and Comments 1. Currently Company Notes is not working properly because CompNotesHTML.dll can not be registered correctly. We will find a workaround as soon as possible. 2. This scenario is tested on Windows 2000-based servers, Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame 1.8. If you need to uninstall, do the following: 1. Open a Command Prompt and go the Navision folders. a. Type regsvr32 /u NSObjectXProxy.dll and press enter. b. Continue the operation for all files mentioned in the earlier section entitled Registering Navision Attain DLLs. c. Delete all files. Aloi