Why is it possible to sell quarantined items?

I’m trying to shift our RMA process into DAX 2009, however, there are some problems. I don’t want to make it possible to sell items that haven’t received a disposition code yet.

Normally, you get an error code when an item is not in stock (delivery date is not possible, etc etc).

Let’s tkae for example the following information: Item #001, 10 pcs on stock (and available). When you create a sales order for 10, there’s no problem, when you create a sales order for 11pcs, you get the delivery date error.

Now, when I create a return order for 5pcs #001, nothing happens to the inventory (ofcourse). When I begin an item arrival, the stock is updated (5pcs on order). Let’s say we put the 5pcs in quarantine for additonal checks. We move it to the quarantine warehouse and we post the journal.

The stock is updated (10pcs in normal warehouse, 5 pcs in quarantine warehouse, total 15pcs). Everything looks normal.

However, in the sales order form, when I create an order for 15pcs #001, it’s no problem! But why? I cannot sell the 5pcs in quarantine. Why don’t I receive an error code? It seems that AX look to the physically on stock number (which is 15pcs) and not to the physically available number (which is 10pcs). How can I force that AX looks at the available numbers?

I already created a new test inventory dimension group with site and warehouse set to ‘active’ and ‘physical inventory’ so AX only uses the normal warehouse for sales orders, but than I get an other error: I know I have 10pcs in the warehouse, but still AX gives me an error that it is not possible to use the delivery date (free stock).

I hope I wrote it down clearly… I want to use the RMA functionality of AX but if RMA-items and ‘normal’ items get mixed with each other, I can’t use the functionality…

Hmm, I figured something out… if you use 3 warehouses, let’s say:

001 Finished items
002 Return orders
003 Quarantine

and when you create a return order and specify warehouse 002 then everything works well… is this normal? does AX need at least 3 warehouses to let return orders function properly? Or is there a more convenient solution?

Now you have to do a lot of clicks (select warehouse, select site, etc etc) and you can make some errors… it would be easy when you don’t have to select warehouses when creating return orders…

In this solution your dimension group is set to physical stock at warehouse level, whereas before they were all in one it was fine now you get the message as you have physically segregated the location. I would always recommend a separate returns/quarantine warehouse to segregate stock. I cannot remember when the warning is called, but I believe the disposition batch setting would impact on picking, not on sales entry, probably in the belief the disposition can alter so not warn there, warn at pick. Part of the issue for me is that you really need to segregate these for planning and in AX2009 the disposition code was irrelevant to planning (another reason for segregation) but I believe this has changed in AX2012 but never tested it.

Okay, so if I understand you correctly, I have to use at least three warehouses (one normal, one returns, one quarantine)? Is it possible to set a default warehouse for return orders? Because it will always be the same for returns…so maybe AX can prefill those fields.

You do not have to use three, but it makes it easier in my opinion. No you cannot default a warehouse for returns orders.

No problem, thanks a lot, I will investigate this solution :slight_smile:

I have also another small question, don’t know if it needs a new topic, but it’s this: With a return order, you can assign reason codes to use it for analysis, but how to deal with complaints ? Sometimes a customer has a complaint but don’t need to return the item, but it’s nice to assign reasons for the complaint for the analysis.

Is it possible to store complaints in AX? Maybe out-of-the-box, maybe with an add-on… or is there stille the need for an additional system?

I am not sure , but what about the case management in AX 2012 ?

Yes, I have seen that on Google… that’s very nice, however, I have to deal with AX 2009 unfortunately…

Then it is out of the box functionality , you need to go with customization.

don’t you mean isn’t it? :slight_smile:

okay… are there already modules/add-ons available? I can’t find a lot when Googling… only something about service management on the Dynamics website… but I don’t know if that onbe can handle complaints…

Use CRM and activities with 2009 - Not the best, but linked to the business relation and can be categorised and reported upon, the issue is case management was build for this sort of interaction and has more functionality.

Yeah, thought of that too, after some searching in AX. Thank you very much!

Since we haven’t start using reporting, return orders and issues yet, I can also list migrating to AX 2012 as an option… hehe…

I’ve reasearched the ‘Activities’ option but I have a question; is it possible to link items to an activity? If a customer has a complaint about an item, we want to file this complaint so we can do some research. But if it isn’t possible to link items to an activty, it is much more work.

On Google I’ve found the Service Management module for AX 2009… is this a seperate extension or module? Can this be used to file complaints/service calls?

It would be nice if all return orders, complaints and service calsl (and items that don’t go throug Quality Control) are in one place, so you can easily compare them and you can analyse them to improve the products…

That is why they brought in case management in AX2012 (one of the reasons). I know however you are not on this, and no you cannot link the item to an activity. Service Management is more about repairs, not call volume.

thanks for your reply… I know AX 2012 is better but we’re using 2009 just for four years now… we’re wating for AX2014 and maybe we will upgrade then.

So that’s why I investigate the opporunities for AX2009. It must be possible, AX2009 is quite popular, I think? Isn’t there a extension or module that is capable of handling complaints or something, except for the ‘Activities in CRM trick’ or Cases in 2012? It’s so much nicer to have everything stored in one place instead of a small part in Outlook, a small part in Excel and everything else in AX…

There are add-ons but you would need to search for them. In addition whether they would still be backwardly compliant is another issue. Upgrades are difficult, perhaps a reimplementation? [:D]

looking for ‘compliants module ax 2009’ or smilar doesn’t give me any useful hits. this topic is the first hit :stuck_out_tongue: Is there some website which stores the most common add-ons or something?

I am reading about using the Quality Management section in AX 2009 for product complaints… maybe that’s useful :slight_smile:

But yeah, AX 2014 will be a reimplementation :wink:

I found something new: Non-conformance… I think that’s perfect for customer complaints! Even the Microsoft eLearning says that this is used to store complaints. It’s possible to link to an item… so just perfect!

However, one question: I want to add the ‘notes’ that I created in Document Handling for the specific Non-conformance to the report. I can only add fields from the InventNonConformanceTable when creating the report (by File->Print->Edit → New report)… how to add the Notes field from the DocuRef table?

In this way, I can have the total complaint on one report; customer ID, responsible person, Item ID and the remarks from the customer (Notes from Document Handling)

edit: I’m googling this question…do I have to create a Perspective in the AOT or something? :slight_smile:

Not sure the item conformance really is for that, but if it works for you that is fair enough. Yes you would need to add in the notes if they do not appear on the report as a customization.

Yes, I know that I have to add the notes, but I don’t know how :stuck_out_tongue: IS that possible without coding?

So I want all the notes where DocuRef.refrecid == inventnonconformanctable.recid…but how to add a table and this field (and the rule refrecid=recid) in report builder?