AX2012 - Return Order - error

I am creating a return order, find ing a SO, selecting items to return, then selecting a disposition code of “Credit Only” to bypass the item arrival process. Then when I try to go to the SO and Invoice. I get a message saying

“Quarantine Order Start Msg, Physical on Hand, Site, Whse msg… then a msg saying that XX cannot be picked because only 0.00 is/are available from inventory”

Item Model Group is not set to Quarantine Management

  1. Why is AX trying to create a Quarantine Order?

  2. Any suggestions on what to check to be able to post an Invoice.

Using AX2012 Feature Pack

I believe the credit only writes off the inbound arrival through the quarantine process (whether or not it is configured for quarantine management). To post the invoice alter the disposition code THEN write off the stock, or check the settings for the auto-processing of the quarantine process to enable you to work in this manner.

How do you check the settings for the auto processing of the quarantine process? … Is this the setting on the item model group? for my items this is not checked.

You would need to get someone to verify in the credit only scenario it always processes through quarantine orders. I am not sure myself and do not have access to AX at the moment.