AX 2012: Stock in Quarantine Warehouse getting picked

Hi Everyone,

Consider the following scenario

MW- Main warehouse QW - Quarantine Warehouse

Item A

On hand (MW) = 5

On hand (QW) = 10

Sales order is created warehouse = MW

Item A Qty = 15

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Picking list is posted

MW = 5 ---- Picked

QW = 10 ---- Picked

The items in the quarantine warehouse are also picked when there isn’t sufficient stock in the main warehouse. Any ideas on how I can avoid this? I am sure there must be some parameter setup that we’ve missed which is leading to this issue.

Any pointers will be appreciated.

Some more information:

We aren’t using quarantine orders. We interface with another warehouse management system which posts items into a quarantine warehouse based on certain business rules.

Any help on this will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I think you should use the batch status (I think it is call disposition code) in order not to be available for picking.

Set the dimension group to physically check by warehouse.

Hi Hector,

Thanks for the response. You mean the batch disposition code on the item model group? But that would block picking for the item in all warehouses.

I just want to ensure that if stock is unavailable in the main warehouse, it doesn’t automatically pick from the quarantine warehouse.

Do let me know if I can use the batch disposition code to do that.

Hi Adam,

Where do I set this up, I checked the dimension groups but I didn’t find this any where.

Do let me know. Thanks a ton.

@ Adam - I think “physical inventory” check box cant be edited after “storage dimension group” is saved.

@ Neha -

Create a new “storage dimension group” with same settings as your current item’s storage dimension group by PIM>setup>dimension groups>Storage dimension groups.

but only variation is select the “Physical inventory” check box. Verify everything is as expected.

Link this new dimension group to your item.

Note: Remember to do in Test instance.

Hi Neha, my suggestion was based on the thought that if a particular batch number is under quarantine status, then all the batch is affected by the same situation, therefore all of it can not be picked no matter the location.

If the case is that a small part of the batch was affected (a part gets wet but the rest is ok) then you can split the batch assigning a new batch number to the bad part.

Santosh you are correct it cannot be edited once set and transactions exist. The question was how to prevent it, I was unaware if this was a live site or a theoretical question, so I gave a response on how to stop it from a configuration perspective. If you only check the physical quantity by site and the Quarantine warehouse is in the same site you will have issues :slight_smile:

The setup below is configured in this manner to only physically check stock at the site level.