Scrapping returned item in AX 2009

In AX 2009, I have been trying to implement the RMA functionality. When a
return order is created, the only disposition code available is “Credit
only”. When I start the item arrival process, I can then assign the different
disposition code - so far we are okay there.


When I assign the disposition code “Scrap” in the arrival journal and try to
post it, that seems working. But, when I try to update the packing slip from
Sales order or from the return order which is the next step, then AX tries to
create a Quarantine order but fails and produce the following error line:
“Quarantine Order: Start
Quarantine Number: xxxxxx
Inventory dimension Location is a primary input/output dimension and
must consequently be specified”

which I do not understand why AX is trying to create the quarantine order in
the first place for ONLY those return orders which has disposition code

Scenario 2

Here I am choosing the disposition code “Credit- Repair and put back into
inventory” option and post the Item arrival journal. Once the arrival journal
posted, from Sales order form, when user selects the SCRAP check box, AX
produce the following error:

“Quantity ordered cannot be reduced because there are not enough open
inventory transactions with the ordered status.
The items are Purchased, Received or Registered.”

Not sure what is the right way to make the return order work with Scrap
disposition code.

Any idea? Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you tell me what the “Mode of Handling” details are set to on the warehouse journal default values tab, or the posted journal.

If you are calling Quarantine management then you do not use disposition codes, they are kind of irrelevant as you are saying you need to inspect it. As for the picking location, if it is selected the picking location of the item will be used, so you would need a warehouse item record, and it is verified this exists.

Hey Adam - Thanks for quick response.

The “Mode of Handling” for my IAJ (Item arrival journal) is unchecked for Quarantine management and Check pcking locations. But my question here is if I select the disposition code- “SCRAP” then only I get the quarantine order error even If I do not want to quarantine the returned item.

Please let me know if I am missing something here.


I believe that when you choose scrap it will scrap it through the quarantine order process, so it will take it into quarantine then sell it out of the original receipt location through the ended quarantine order. In essence you MUST configure the warehouse and locations to handle quarantine and any other requirements.

Hey Adam,

Thanks for your suggestion.

When I select the Quarantin management option from IAJ, AX creates Quarantine order. I then select “SCRAP” reason code then report as finish and end the Quarantine order. This creates IAJ again for the item with its default location selected at Dimension tab. That all seems working, but after the Inventory arrival journal gets created by Quarantine order, then when I try to post it, I get the following error:

"Journal: IAJ0000037,

Line No: 1.00,

Item 25060135,

Quantity 1.00 cannot be registered because inventory transactions with the status Ordered are insufficient, Quarantine order QUAR00000009 has incorrect status.

The journal contains errors.The journal contains 1 lines with errors".

Any idea?

When you create the arrival journal are you linking the sales order to the arrival journal and getting the system to create the lines?

I am almost positive the answer is yes because when I report as finish the Quarantine order, I see the Sales order and RMA in reference and return section in General tab.

But you need to specify this on the arrival journal - are you not doing this?

Yes, you are correct. This done at IAJ by linking the RMA number.

Hi all,

I have one issue with Quarantine order and Purchase order (PO) quantity.

I have PO and Quarantine order is created automatically, after packing slip for PO is posted. On the PO I have quantity 20. In the Quarantine order I split 15 and 5 and put quantity 5 to scrap. When I go to PO to post invoice, I can post quantity 20, after that, when I see on hand for this item I have quantity 15 (20- 5 (scraped quantity)), but on the invoice i have 20???

This is very wierd for me. I am new in this area Quarantine management.

If anyone have solution or explanation,between this difference on the invoice and on the stock, I would appriciate that.

Thanks in advance.

Well the supplier supplied you with 20, you choose to scrap 5, you could have returned them. As far as they are concerned they provided 20 so will invoice you for 20.

AdamRoue, thank you for the answer.

How it is possible, that I invoiced 20, but have just 15 on the stock and on the invoice document. I would say, that this is disagreement in the system?

That will be down to how you processed the invoice, I cannot comment on what you did, but the matching of the invoice is key, follow this through and check the line quantities, but ultimately you received 20 against the PO, stock is irrelevant, the original item ledger total is 20. You then presumably invoiced 20.