Return order from quarantine orders

Hi there ,

Suppose i purchase 10 items from vendor and 5 of them not pass the quarantine check. 5 items return to the normal warehouse and 5 should be return to vendor,

My question is:

do i have to return the 5 items to normal warehouse first then i can create the return order for them?

or i can return them to vendor from quarantine warehouse directory ?

many thanks.

you would need to end the quarantine order first, then, automatically the stock will be moved from quarantine warehouse to normal warehouse.

Now, you need to return the 5 quantity from the normal warehouse.

Hi Santosh,

Since the items will return to normal warehouse again, what’s the purpose to put it the quarantine warehouse ? is there any tag attached on the items that identify those items should be returned to vendor ?

many thanks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have good functionality of returning the goods after finishing up the quarantine check. Though the items are accepted or rejected there is no difference in the way of handling them.

Also, you can’t attach any tag and there is no way to mention that some of the quantity is rejected.

Even I’m surprised and left with no answer why it’s not available with standard AX.

@Adam- appreciate your thoughts on this.

my concern is once the (bad) items return back to normal warehouse, they probably will be used for production if we don’t create the return order immediately.

I recommend to use a transfer journal and move the bad items to a “return warehouse” from which users shouldn’t pick the items.

After discussing with the vendor, return the items from this return warehouse. Just a thought.

Though the process is not automated still we can use number of ways to handle these scenarios. In addition to Santosh’s suggestion consider the following.

Solution 1: While Quarantine handling, split the order by good items & bad items. Report only good items to the inventory and keep bad items in quarantine. After discussing with vendor, you can report the bad items to the inventory and move it from there against returned order. Here you need to consider and handle if there are any warehouse transfer time is configured in the system accordingly.

Solution 2: Report all items (both good & bad) to inventory, create inventory blocking manually against the batch/serial number so that it will be blocked for issue/consumption. Once the discussion with vendor happen, delete the inventory blocking, create return order and move the bad items back to the vendor.

Solution 3: Attach a disposition tag to bad items with blocking for sales/production enabled. Now though the items are moved to inventory, the items will not be reserved/consumed against any issue. Later you can reset the disposition code. You can create return order for this batch and move it back to vendor based upon discussions. This is specific to Process Industries.

So you need to take a call on how you could handle this process. System gives you blockage till quarantine and after reporting items will come into inventory warehouse.