Who's at Fault

Please advise. Our French company’s office is populated with 7 computers, and one printer. Our Navision users in France added two new computers, and another printer.

After adding the two new computers they could not print to the new printer.

The remaining five computers could not print to the new printer.

The remaining five computers could print to the older printer, locally, and during a Citrix session.

Their Navision sessions start after logging into the Terminal Citrix Metaframe server.

We have a Citrix specialist working remotely with France from the USA. They are unable to print to the new printer from Navision. The specialist is working to find working drivers for the new printer.

This event started two weeks ago after they installed the two new computers, and printer. The French users who did not use the new computers or the new printer were able to work normally out of Navision, and print. Today I get an email stating they can’t print at all from Navision on the two new computers. They are just stating that fact, once again, for the record; and added, that when they now print from Navision (the five older computer and former printer) the invoices are all non-legible text. This is unexpected. Now all their computers, accessing Navision, are in a compromise.

Why I write this is that I need to report to my superior what may be the troubles in France. I need to be very clear if I state that is has nothing to do with “Navision” – that the full burden of Navision print issues is all connected to Citrix Printers. I don’t want the Citrix specialist to deflect blame –and comment that it’s all to do with Navision. Would you agree Navision is free from fault here, and that we have a classic Citrix Print Driver issue?