Navision Through Citrix


I have this Navision user who needs to work at home while recovering from surgery. We are working out the issues. Today she tells me after logging into Citrix, into Navision all went well except for printing. She will be printing out of Navision from her home computer’s printer. She tells me the print jobs were all jibberish. She then printed from Word to test the printer and all printer perfectly. How do we get Navision (Citrix remote connection to Corporate office, Navision) to print local, to her home computer’s printer? I do know how to go into Navision, GL, Setup, Printer. From there this fellow is clueless on how to fix this situation. Thanks for any advice.

My guess, the first thing to do is see if there is an updated driver for her printer, and install it on her computer. Also One other solution is to install pdf printer on citrix, and she can print to pdf first, then use pdf viewer to reprint it. This is one workaround.

In Meta Frame → policies ->client policies->printer

select enabled, then select “auto select the client default printer”

with this citrix will auto select the client default printer for printing.

Not sure about Citrix, but in my Terminal server environment, you need to have the printer driver installed on the server also, this solves a lot of strange remote printing problems.

Hello I looked at Slyvie’s print job from Navision. The format is correct –spaces, paragraph and so forth. Just all this hieroglyphics. In the Navision Printer Selection there are a listing of the remote users. Example: User ID MarieReport ID 99001953Report Name Whse. DocumentPrinter Name ATELIER#HP LaserJet2100 Series PCL 6,Ne00:User ID Report ID Report Name Printer Name

I don’t see Slyvie’s name. That may because she is a local user. How do I add Slyvie to the Printer Selection? And how do I add her personal home printer? Is this exclusively Citrix Metaframe configuration? I did create on Terminal Server c:\home\Slyvie account.

She logs into (testing from her home) Navision. If I check on terminal server, the home directory, there are no Zup files being created. I thought that when one logs into Citrix, establishes the Navision session, that a personal zup file is created.