Navision WAN Print Issue

I post here because I don’t know, and need to learn. The SysAdmin left on medical note, and will not return. I have his notes, and a network. I would want to assist the independent Citrix tech who is working on this current issue –two new computers and a printer were added to the French office. From the note below that I received from France it looks as though we are stuck. The Citrix fellow helping out may know Citrix, but fails completely with Navision. I hope by posting that I can cultivate insight into the difficulty. It’s like being in a dark cellar struggling to screw in a light bulb. Somehow we are missing the target. It’s probably strait forward but I am clueless. That’s why I post to this beginner’s forum. I hope you don’t mind. And I do search through the forum on topics I post and through the web. Thanks. Charlie M

The note:

Jean-Pierre said:

Marie Christel can print documents (word, excel emails), on both printers 4350 and 2015. but can not print at ALL from Navision. This is the same for URSULA.

I can print documents on 4350 and 2015. I can print from Navision on 4350 but not on 2015.

Claire can print documents on both printers. She can print from Navision on 4350. She can also print on 2015, BUT : we can not read the documents (characters are not correct)

Isabelle can print documents on both printers. But I can not test from Navision because she can not access it. Please help to fix?

The default printer for each user must be the 4350. Not for Isabelle, the default printer for her must be the 2015.

When we want to print something from Navion, in the window opening , the list of printers available is too long…… could you please reduce that to the only printers available and really existing : 4350, 2015, Laserjet 6P.

Please note that Marie-Christel also have for her use only one Deskjet , she usually use it only for documents from word, excel files, not from Navision. But this printer does not appear any more on the list of printers available when she wants to print.

Thank you to help us with that issue as soon as possible.