Citrix Printing Issue

Hi We are experiencing some issues with NaviosinAttain 3.6, Citrix Metaframe Xp and several printers (run via a print server atthe users site). The problem is The users can print to certain printers when the choose “print and post” (sales invoices). However if they try to print the posted sales invoices. The job flashes i the queue but fails to manifest itself on the printer. Any suggestions?

Hi. We are experiencing the same problem with Navision Financials 2.6B, Citrix Metraframe 1.8. We are also using the UNIPRINT driver. We notice that this happens when another user is running a report. When it happens again, check if another user is running a report. Are you using the UNIPRINT driver with Citrix?

Thanks for the response. No other user is running a report so through Citrix, As for printer drivers we are using the Client drivers loaded when they login. One question, are you running on a win 2k server? if so what service pack is it? Also what is the OS print server on? Thanks

Yes, we are using a EIn 2k advance server. We have service pack 4 installed. The OS print server ins Win 2k.

Have you gone into Page setup and made sure it was pointing to a valid printer? I have had no end of Print problems since we upgraded to 3.6. We are also running Citrix XP, I am applying FR3 today to see if some issues are addressed. Good Luck.

Oh yeah, Sebastien, SP4 caused us no end of problems with Citrix. I ended up taking it off and several issues were solved.

Our valid printer that we use is called “Uniprint”. This driver finds the default local printer on the PC and then it prints. Because of the “Uniprint” driver, we do not need to install all printer drivers.

We have just been forced into recreating the print server (darn thing died). After going back to SP3 we seem to have solved all the probs and even had a bit more stability?

Just a quick update Citrix have released a Service pack which sorts the problems out and also prevents the print spooler form crashing.

Don’t use a print server use the citrix server to print and the universal driver for printer in the metaframe xp, it’s better