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This is a comment from Joe. He uses Navision , local , off the Server. He mentions Ann, our accontant in France who uses Navision through a citrix connection. The difference between the two locations is that Joe will be able to print directly to the printer connected to his computer ; whereas Ann will be using the Citrix print assignment ; and is mapped to her printer… However, both users suffer the same experience :

Joe says :

I am having a problem. My “post” reports do not print. For example… When in Navision… I go to >Purchase and Payables >Payment Journals I then enter the required information. Once the information is entered I do >Payment >Print Check Once again, I enter the required information. Once the information is entered >Print (This will print the check and this portion works), then >Posting

Post and Print (This will print out a report showing that I have posted the above transaction. This is where the print failure occurs. The transaction DOES post to the General Ledger but it does NOT print out the report.) I need help with this problem.

In France Ann experience this effect as I discribed using General Ledger postings. Please submit this comment to the Navision group. There has to be a solution.Thanks

We are having the same problem but it appears to be isolated to only some users. Did you ever figure the problem out?