Printing in Navision

I have a problem where the printer works fine in windows, but in Navision it only prints the top left hand side of the report. It doesn’t shrink the report, it cuts it off. Any help would be great. I am also connecting via Citrix ICA client.

Hello Stacy, this sounds like a badly set up printer environment on the Citrix sever. If possible, delete all created printers, create them again, and be VERY careful, not to say conservative, when choosing drivers. Though I must admit, I have never seen the symptoms that you mention, it probably is a printer driver problem. Pelle

Pelle, I have tried to delete all printers for this person. I have then re-installed them on his machine both locally and on the Citrix servers. When I sign on to his machine as myself I do not get this issue. It only happens to this person with this printer. Everything works fine if I sign on. Citrix uses the same driver for the client not the user so the driver that I use without issues is the same that he uses but with problems. Never seen anything like this before. Could it have anything to do with this persons permisions to view certain objects within Navision?

Log in as this user, then go to his Citrix desktop and check the printer setup there, make sure you can print off a valid test page.

Hi Stacy Can you also verify it is all reports for this user and not particular reports - they may have a user/report/printer relationship established in Navision that could conflict with Citrix? (Think I passed my technical knowledge half way through that sentence [:D]).

You can also check the event logs on the Citrix Server, if this printer failed to autocreate you could have a problem. If that happens, you will need to use the CMC to map a driver for the client printer. It will need to be named EXACTLY as it is in the event log, you can copy and paste the name from there.

Stacy, as this problem is different, depending who logs on to the Citrix server, the problem is in a) Printer setup within Navision or b) Printer setup in the Citrix server user sessions. Why don’t you delete the problematic user profile on the Citrix server, and build it up from scratch. You do know that there is decent drivers etc on the server, as it works for you. Another idea is to temporarily give the problematic user “administrator privilges” on the Citrix server. His/hers problems might be connected to not having enough priviliges setting up his/her environment correctly.

I have tried all of the above with no luck. I have found a temp. fix for him by telling Citrix that he is using a different printer. He is using an hp1100, and I am telling citrix that it’s a HP4. The problem has since gone away, but it’s not an ideal solution. The test prints through Citrix before only gave me the top left quarter of the page as well as all of the Navision reports. Could there be a security setting within Navision. I have heard that some printers do not work well with Navision or Citrix, but then shouldn’t I have the same problem? Printing is a bit of a problem for us. This problem and also the servers are always losing the printer drivers or the user settings for printers whenevr their is a change made to the system. That’s for yet another thread. Has anyone ever had any of these issues before?

Stacy, we have had numerous problems with printing issues. Your solution of using the HP4 driver is well known-it is the best printer driver ever written! However, you may also want to check the HP web site for driver updates to download. I did this for some printers that could not use the HP4 driver and found newer ones that worked fine. We probably have 50 mapped drivers in our Citrix Farm now. Another thing we did 1 weekend was go to each server and delete out every auto-created printer. Over time we had some bogus autocreated ones that had invalid names-like the client machine being listed 3 times before the printer name! We also reduced the number of printer/user definitions inside Navision itself, leaving only custom forms to specific printers and not setting printers for individual users. Good Luck.