What is the name of Role Center for super user?

I want to add a RTC report to Role Center->Reports, which page should i use? i am successfully adding to other pages but for Role Center i am not sure why i cant see it. The user i am using is super.

You have to realize that roles are not identical or by default linked to any role center. You can link a role center to a (windows) user and you can assign roles to a (windows) user.

The user is SUPER user. i just want to add a report to RTC->Home->Role Center->Reports thats all. I am able to add else where like Item List, Customer List etc but not in RTC->Home->Role Center->Reports. So what i have to do?



  1. Determine first which role center you want to add it to (there are 21 of them i.e. Page 9000 to Page 9020
  2. Then decide whether to update the corresponding Form or Page object
    1. If Form add the report to the Report menu button and (re)transform that form to corresponding page (note: if you have local language strings on the original page export them - using translate export - before replacing it with the newly transformed page)
    2. if Page add the report to the action (subtype Reports) - you can open the actions window from the Role Center Page in design mode: click the first empty line and then through View menu > Actions

Hope this makes sense.

Are you saying the username is SUPER or that it is a user with the SUPER role assigned?

Users are linked to Profiles via the User Personalization Card Form. Profiles are Linked to Role Centers on the Profile Card Form. If a user is not linked to a Personalization Card they get the Role Center marked as Default.