New Page in RTC

Hi Forum,

I have created a new page for vendor list and added in the role center page, compiled and restarted the RTC but still i cant see the new page in the RTC. Did i miss anything

So can anyone help me out in this…

Thanks in Advance


To which role centre did you add this new page?

Which role centre is default role centre for the USER ID you are logged-inb with?

You can check the default role centre for USer ID From Classic Client:

Administration>> Application Setup>> Role Tailored Client>> User Personalisation

You can change your role centre in this (Profile ID field).

For example SUPER is your user ID and your default role centre is IT Manager and in case you have added your page to some other Role centre then it will not be visible in your RT.

Hope this helps

Thanks Dhanraj,

For ur reply…I did the same thing the role center in which i made the changes for that role center only my user id has been assigned but still i cant see the new page…

Anything else did i go wrong…

thanks in advance


Try by running your role as a page from command prompt:

I have entered Dynamicsnav:////runpage?page=50010 (50010 is my page id) in the command prompt.

It is throwing an error saying “Object metadata does not exist , identification fields and values Object type = Page and Id = 50010”.

So how to go about it…

Thanks in advance