Actions in RTC


For our client I have created 2 roles namely SUPER USER and NORMAL USER. Both the users are using the same SO Processor RTC. Only i have restricted some pages for normal user. Now I want to add some actions in activities part of RTC & it should be enabled only in SUPER USER RTC. If i open the RTC in configuration mode and make changes it s enabled to all the persons… Any other ways to proceed with? please help.

Create seperate Role center and assign to users.

Hi Amol,

Am sorry if my question is silly. Is there any other way way without creating a separate RTC for them?

I feel it is better create separate RTC roles center so you will have better control on permission and you can show the user what actually required to them.

Whereas it’s actually possible to have the fields in the RTC role center page to be either visible or hidden based on settings, then it only works with the actual role center page, not with the navigation pane. So if you need two different setups, then it’s also better with two different roles.

Thanks for your reply…