What happens to Sales Order after posting ?

After posting a shipment (which posts the related sales order) , what happens to the Sales Order ?

Is it just deleted ? Moved to another table ?

How could I look at old sales orders that have been posted ?


Dave K.

If it is only Posted then it will not be deleted.

Document will be posted to Posted Shipments.

If you have fully posted the shipment and Invoice then Order will be deleted.

and moved to Posted shipments and Posted Invoice.

If it is only shipped then you can find that order in sales order screen but if you ship & invoice and if it is completely shipped and invoiced then the order gets deleted from sales order .

As both Amol and Mohana said then shipping the sales orders doesn’t delete the sales order. But invoicing them does. Unless you manually creates a new invoice to the customer and uses the function to “Get Shipment Lines”. But this functionality is primary used by companies who wants to combine shipments from multiple orders into one invoice.

If you want to be able to look at old sales orders that have been posted (invoiced) you also have the option of using the “Sales Order Archive” functionality. If you enable the “Archive Quotes and Orders” in the “Sales & Receivable Setup” then a copy of the sales order will be archived before deleting it.

The same functionality can be used to archive multiple different versions of the same sales order. You can manually create an archived version using the “Archive Document” function or upon printing the order confirmation (by clicking the “Archive Document” option).