SO order is not deleted

Hi, I have a small problem. Can I get a clear picture under what circumstances the following will occur. Setup - Navision 3.6 / Native Database / windows 2003 - server / XP - Clients In Sales Order(S.O.), when we post the order some times the order is not deleted. When we ship adn post in one shot its deleted perfectly. When we do (part by part) ship first and Invoice next. Only some times its not deleted after the whole shipment is finished. These S.O’s are having some comment lines always in the sales line

Hi Mani The general rule is that it gets deleted when it is fully shipped and fully received, but I understand curcumstances exist in a variety of versions in Navision that mean the orders get left behind. You can run the periodic activity to delete fully invoiced orders to clear them if you like.

Well, one of the circumstances where the Sales Order is not deleted by default is when the user uses “combine shipment” or “get shipment” functionally to invoice the deliveries made in the sales order. aside from that, i don’t really know other circumstances the sales order is not deleted. unless it has been customised.

Hi All, Thanks for the details. I found out one option to do this. In S&R- Periodic Activity-Delet Document- In that there are options to delete the invoiced documents, etc. Regards M. Ramanath