NAV 5.0 Posting Sales Order - Why is a fully posted and shipped sales order still listed as a current sales order (CK-NAV 11-Sep-2008)

Hi Guys,

I have a situation where a sales order is fully shipped and invoiced, but does not disappear from the list of current orders. It is still listed under the order menu: Sales and Marketing > Order Processing > Orders.

To my understanding once and order is completely shipped and invoiced, it should dissapear from this list and become a posted document. In this case it appears in posted documents, but it does not disappear from the list of current orders.

Does anyone have a what could be causing this?


I think it depends on how the posting was done. If it was posted completely from the “Sales Order” form, it should automatically be deleted when it is fully posted. When it is shipped from the sales order, but invoiced from the “Sales Invoice”, by pulling shipments into the invoice, it leaves the sales order itself alone when it posts.

Then there are also instances where deletion of the order is disabled, to keep history. This is of course not the right way to keep history, but it happens often enough.

From Administration - IT Administration - Data Deletion - Sales Documents - Delete Invoiced Sales Orders

This will clear off any completely shipped and invoiced sales orders.

Another way of having the order remain is to part ship and invoice lines and then delete the remaining lines, technically the order is completely invoiced and shipped, but no posting process cleared this down.

Thanks, I could not seem to be able to delete the order even from that menu. I reentered sales order lines that had some negative quantities. I beleive the use was attempting to process a sales return. As soon as I reentered these lines with a postive amount (ext. price) and the same negative quantities, then I was able to post the order and then it disappepared from the list of orders. What I am not sure of is - in what cases should the quantity or price on an order be negative?

I would say you should return negative quantities on a sales order or credit memo, same with the values, makes it easier to track, but the ability does give you teh chance to process negatives if you need too, so it depends upon your business requirements.