Prevent deleting sales orders when posted

Is there a way I can keep the original sales orders after posting them ? I would like to keep these orders for several reasons, and I have noticed that they are kept when they are posted with the ‘combined shipments’ method, but are deleted when invoiced one by one. regards, Bjarte

You have to do some [small] changes in codeunit 80.

Hi, Are you sure you want to do this? The reason to delete them is for performance. You could archive them before invoicing. Or create a copy of table 36 and 37 to new tables and archive there. Regards, Mark.

There is no need to create copies of the Tables, since that is standard in Navision since 3.00 look at tables 5107 etc. As Marq says, you will start getting serious performance issues if you do not regularly flush open orders. Just go to Codeunit 80, and find the variable EverythingShipedAndInvoiced, and around there, call the functions in Codeunit 5063.