Hello World,

I’m having a difficulty with my sales order explosion. I have a BOM composed of two items. These two items are stored in 3 different warehouses(10, 11, 12). Item 1 with 40 on hand in warehouse 12. Item 2 with 40 on hand in warehouse 10, and 40 in warehouse 12.

When I run sales order explosion to check planned orders, the system recognizes planned purchase order for Item 1 and showing that item 2 has only 40 on hand inventory.

Why is it so? Don’t know why this happens. Hope someone can address my concern!



Jr Barte

You dimension group is setup for item coverage at a warehouse level, so planning plans at this level, it sees the demand in one area, presumably warehouse 12 and fulfills it from there.

Hi Adam, I believe AX will create planned transfer order between warehouses even if its in the same site, right? I still wasn’t able to figure out why my SO explosion doesn’t read my warehouse 12. I have already created in the item coverage that the main warehouse of warehouse 12 is warehouse 10.

So in the explosion you will see the transfer order from 10 to 12 if you have set this up correctly.