AX 2012 master planning and sale order wise explsion queries

How do i crate a automatic transfer order for my sub contracting BOM , i have created a
different warehouse for different sub contracting vendors???

If i do the explosion on sales order and if i deleted the same plan then whn i again go to
that sale order i can not found the sales line for update explosion , what should i do to
get that sales line on explosion form ???

I am using the BOM and on BOm component i have attached the WIP warehouse,because whn
i post the consumption it should be from WIP warehouse so in future i came to know how
much inventory available on WIP WH , i have create a seprate warehouse for MainStore for
purchase receipt but now the issue is when i run the planning either thorugh the sale
order explosion / master scheduling the requirent planned purchase order is genenrate
agaist the WIP warehouse it must create against MainStore warhouse , kindly suggest the
solution for that issue ???

Can any buddy suggest me solution for my mentioned queries for AX 2012

Dear Amol,

Please Clear the Check Box against “Coverage Plan by Dimension” in “warehouse” field in “Storage Dimension group”…then system will check the Raw material availability in all warehouses and then accordingly generate planned purchase order.


Nitin Bagate.

Thanks for your replay Nitin,

I have one another query , i have use the transfer order for sub-contracting process but when i run the master schedule the planned transfer order is automatically created as per defined coverage group but as i have multiple sub contracting vendors for that i have created multiple warehouse now i wanted to change the warehouse on planned transfer order , i wanted to send that material to another vendor how i resolve my query kindly suggest

please elaborate the setup you have done for automatic creation of transfer order.

But, I have one more idea,

Attach the subcontracting warehouse for the required child item in BOM, make that many version as much as subcontracting warehouse you have created and approved all those BOM’s with any one active BOM

then run MRP,

system will generate the purchased order for the vendor (Subcontractor) which is there in active BOM.

Then change the BOM in planned order, select the BOM version which will create the purchased order for required vendor (Subcontractor)

Save the order (system will automatically re-schedule that order)

I am not sure whether this will solve your query or not, but this will certainly help you to change the BOM so you can able to generate the orders on the required vendor (Subcontractor)

Thanks for your kind response , i used coverage group only to map this scenario, i ll do test as per you said and get back to you