wrong item number showing

hi all,

On this item, in net requirements,

on the first line: warehouse B ------- Production, if i do: inquiries > explosion, then it shows the incorrect item name and number

on the second line: warehouse A -------- Transfer if i do: inquiries > explosion then it shows the correct item name and number

This item is supposed to be transfer from B to A and for the work order to be cut, but it does not show the item name and numbe correctly on line B when do and explosion. any idea what’s wrong with this ? TIA

It is SO difficult to say, so many inputs, so little information. I have never had an issue with explosions, but there are so many inputs.

I presume the transfer is not of a component required in production rather than the production item itself?

hi AdamRoue,

Thank you. i went in and cut the planned transfer order then it shows the right item and what needs to buy for that production order in net requirements. i am not sure why did it show a different planned transfer order, item number before cutting that planned transfer order. it should not, but it did, any idea why did it happen that way ?

Nope no idea as I have never seen it, so it is one of four issues:

i) A bug - can you consistently reproduce it?

ii) A data setup configuration

iii) A modification causing the “issue”

iv) User interpretation of standard funcitonality.