BOM Explosion at Transfer order

Hi All,

I have question related to the transfer order. I have 1000 items in one BOM and I wish to transfer all 1000 Items in one go. BOM explosion option is not available on the Transfer order. How to create one transfer order having 1000 items automatically?

I receive 1000 Items at the main warehouse and then I wish to transfer 1000 items to Production warehouse when production starts.

Master planning not allowing to club different Items under one transfer order.

“Master planning not allowing to club different Items under one transfer order.”

That is not a true statement, it will do that if the warehouse from and to is the same, the requirement date is the same and there is nothing else that needs moving between the warehouses according to planning.

You can see this by looking at the explosion of the production order, viewing the planned orders then firming them onto one transfer order from there.

I agree with you that while firming transfer orders from Master planning we can club the Items.

I want to create manual transfer order also of 1000 Items with the help of BOM explosion on the Transfer order. Do we have any workaround other than Master planning ?

I dont believe there is another option, the transfer order is what you transfer but there is no explosion on the transfer line.

Thanks, Adam, I think customization is required at Transfer order to explode BOM and insert 1000 items in the Transfer order.