Planning from sales order


I have a BOM of 5 nos. of RM. Made route.There is no stock of any item.There are no semi finished goods.

Created a sales order & took the path - Sales order->Inquiries->Explosion. Here the BOM does not get exploded.

Can anyone tell the reason?


Shreenivas Vaidya.

Are there an master planning parameters set up?

You’ll need to see if there is a plan and take a look at the static and dynamic fields, what’s in there?


Check the BOM is active and valid for the warehouse the sales order is loaded along with the item coverage for the BOM item at that warehouse.

Check out the coverage group of the items: if it is set to manual, no planned orders will be suggested by mrp.

Dear All,

I am sorry that I did not keep you updated about my findings.

As patrick has said, coverage was manual. Also there was an issue of dimensions (site & warehouse).


Shreenivas Vaidya.