Inventory dimensions BOM lines


I have a Phantom BOM with a price, which will not be calculated by its components, but will be set by the user. This will be sold as 1 ‘item’. When placing a backorder, I want to explode my BOM, so all components will have its own line and specifics. During the explosion AX is giving me a warning to fill in a site and warehouse per line. The Storage dimenion group is set this way. No Site order defaults are set and also there is no possiblity to select site and warehouse. Preferabel I want AX to copy the site and warehouse from the PO into the BOM lines, but I’m not succeeding. Does anybody have a suggestion?

This also occurs with SO’s and Master planning.

Thanks already!

Hi Michelle,

If you set default item warehouse in Item details under common forms, it will take the warehouse from this item detail forms.


Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for your reply. Actually I don’t want to set the warehouse on item-level, this can differ per order. I want the warehouse to be equal to the warehouse used in the SO. When creating the back order the warehouse for the BOM is similar. Now only those BOM lines…



This is because the storage dimension group associated has Mandatory field marked.

As you have not defined the Order settings and also not specified the values on the BOM lines the explosion does not have values to pick up so it ends up taking nothing and shows warning as per dimension group settings.

Copying PO dimensions to the exploded BOM lines are not part of current system. I think you can advice filling them manually on PO/SO or else customize accordingly .

Thanks for your reply. I understand what you wrote. The only thing is that it is not the solution I have in mind. It seems that standard AX does not support my ideas :slight_smile: