Urgent problem MS wont help

We have a situation where hotcopy crashed giving problems with the version on records in the database. We can not use the databaswe files so we had to restore…not a good solution. Does anyone know how much space within the allocated database space hotcopy needs in order to create the backup ???

Did you try to run the hotcopy while no other user was using the database ? Based on the version principle, Hotcopy only copies the data known at the point where the hotcopy started. All changes that are made in the database while the hotcopy runs will be stored as well, but the records with the proper version for hotcopy will not be removed. So you can expect an additional usage of approx. two times the amount of data changed in the DB while ccopying.

This sounds interesting. Thank you very much for your info. Let me take it a bit futher. Do you know what will happen with the hotcopy when navision claims the space used by hotcopy during the backup process. This is what happend at our site?? Afterwards when I try to start Navision I get the error “other concurrent activities have reused the available space in the database that contained your snapshot of data…” We had a utilisation of 80% of the database when the hotcopy ran. Please return info as we are very interested in this information. We have quit some installaitons thus a potential big problem. The answer to your question is no.

I know that Microsoft / Navision has a tool that can correct these issues. Do you know of it and how can I get it ??