Hotcopy problem!

Hi! we have navision 3.60 running with its own database on a windows 2000 server. This original Navision database is on 16 disks database1.fd, database2.fdb … (each disk is 8 GB and every navision file is 4 GB - the whole database is 64GB) I have on an other location also a windows 2000 backup server with navision 3.60 running. Here I have also 16 database.fdb files. There I made a share to a directory. Then on my first server I start in a dos box the following command: “d:\pograms\navision attain\database server\hotcopy.exe” source=e:\database1.fdb e:\database2.fdb …e:\database16.fdb destination=v:\ v:\ …v:\ servername=localhost user=xy password=xy nettype=tcp I made in windows explorer a v drive with connect to the share on the second server (sharename:db on That directory is at beginning empty. First I delete all 16 *.fdb files on my backup server in that directory. now I get the following error message: the following message came from the server. the operating system cannot gain access to the file. please check that the file type and attributes are correct. backup ended with error. when I take a share of my local drive c as drive v then it is running. What is my problem? Thanks

To use Hotcopy without problems, you should to start the server service with an account that has access to database source and destination folder (user account must be able to read and change your V drive). Also Windows Authentication in Navision db should be active for this account. I tried to use simple User group account but problem remained so I created administartor compatible accont for this job.