Hotcopy vs. Backup within Navision Client

i tried out hotcopy (Navision 3.7). Our database exists of 2 database files (1 GB each). When i start the hotcopy i get an error message that the backup directory needs to have 2 GB free space. Will hotcopy copy both datafiles 1:1 to the backup directory? I thought that it will do exactly the same backup as if i start the backup within the Navision Client. As we have 50% free database space and more than 50% of the used spaced is for indexes this backup needs only 500MB. As i have 2 datafiles i used as source in hotcopy both datafiles. Hope this is correct. Unfortunately i can not test how much space hotcopy will realy use, as my backup disk has less than 2 GB free space. Thanks!

Hotcopy makes file copies of the database and is not compressed. The client backup makes a compressed backup of the database.

Actually the navision backup does not compress the database. The reason it uses less space, is 1/ it only backs up the primary key (unless you change properties), and the primary key is normally about half of the data, and 2/ of course there is a lot of free space that is no backed up. It would be great if navision actually compressed the data during backup.

In my experience, another aspect is that Hotcopy will not significantly affect the Navision Server but the backup process will. Hotcopy can be immediately used and will copy any inconsistencies with your DB. The backup/restore will take considerably longer to get an active copy but will have integrity tests.

The info I read was from the partnersource website. It’s a pdf called “Making Database Backups In Navision”. It give all the details on what & how the backup works. " Making Database Backups in Navision Summary: This document contains information to help you perform database backups in Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision for both Navision Database Server and Navision SQL Server options. "

Thanks for your answers. But now i do not understand the difference between hotcopy and an normal DOS Copy. Anyway it looks like hotcopy can not be the tool of my choice if it a) does not check consistency and b) needs the same amount of space like the datafiles which means that unused filespace will also be saved.

Look at the “Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Database Server” manual included in the Doc folder of your Product CD (w1w1ism.pdf). On Chapter 5.6 “Server Based Backup” (page 125), you will find that HotCopy:

  • makes uncompressed file copies of the database files;
  • can make a backup while the database is being used (try that with DOS);
  • is able to perform a database test before the backup is made;
  • can verify the integrity of the backup through a consistency check;
  • sends an e-mail informing about the final status of the backup.