Has anyone experienced problems with hotcopy and corruption? I’ve heard rumors that if hotcopy ends suddenly (due to a power hit or something like that) there is an increased chance of corrupting your database. Anyone had problems with this?

which database, online or backup?

Online. What do you mean by backup?

well, I suppose you’re using hotcopy to backup database?
than you have 2 dbs, online & backup of online…

You are correct

To get back on track, I haven’t heard that hotcopy can corrupt online db. It should simply read data, without inserting anything, which means, cause of no writes I see no possibility of corrupting db but who knows…

As you say, its a rumour. Try to find some facts and we can investigate, but really I hear so many rumours that are complete nonsense, that I just don’t bother with them till I see some proof.

As phenomen said, Hot copy is read only, so how can it corrupt the database?

I advise you to duplicate the problem in a test environment.
This way it will prove that it will or not corrupt your database.

After your test, perform a Navision test database to see if the FDB is still in good structure.

This way the rumor will be put to bed.

The problem with roumors is like a problem with Theorems…

It is true always and you can have severals proofs to confirm it but, only one negative proof is enough to buried it for good.

Roumors live on this theorem (just as real theorems do)

The rumor that I speak of isn’t so much a rumor. Someone I useed to work with was running hotcopy, they got a power hit which corrupted there database. The online database was corrupted and Microsoft couldn’t recover it so they had to go to a previous backup.

I hear ya and I am about testing and I am about to get this going in a test environment. The problem is it’s kind of hard to replicate if a database can be corrupted or not. There’s obviously many variables such as power, hardware, operating system etc… I suppose I can pull the network cable out during the hotcopy, that may be a fairly good test.

Does anyone know the script off the top of there heads to run hotcopy, if not I will look at the documentation. Also our database is split through NAV onto 6 disks, (mirrorred to another 6) does the hotcopy environment need the same configuration to copy to?

if power lost occured than, the fact that hotcopy was active at that moment could be simple coincidence.
was someone conneted to the db in moment of power lost?

Absolutely. Are you suggesting hotcopy shouldn’t be run with users logged in? (another rumor I have heard) We have 8 NAS’s and 63 users that will be working during this process. Will this cause a problem?


Also our database is split through
NAV onto 6 disks, (mirrorred to another 6)
does the hotcopy environment need the
same configuration to copy to?

It doesn’t.
U can use different disks’ structure for making copy of DB.



Hotcopy IS a tool for backup of online navision databases… logically online dbs has connected users too, so, I suppose that enviroment is what it is designed for.

Hotcopy is tool for making copy :).

So it must know original DB’s structure and create the same quantity of files but they can be placed on different disks’ structure.

U can have bat file for lunching it and some text file with “description” (parameters):

REM this is bakstart.bat file with two lines:
call “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Database Server\hotcopy.exe” source=“c:\dbak.txt”

  1. And these lines - from bakd.txt file:

[backup files]


description=“Last copy”