Has anyone tried hotcopy.exe wich is included in Attain 3.01A? HotCopy takes a snapshot of the database files including keys, so the restore process is just a matter of replacing the original files with the backup. But what about the time for making the backup, performance load on the server etc. ? Any input is welcome. //Lars

HotCopy is a command line program that exposes backup functionality for the Navision database. Its basic functionality is that it makes a “safe copy” of the database files. Safe copy in this context means that the data version of the database when the backup is started is preserved while the backup is in process. The time for making the backup should be comparable to that of the underlying operating system’s file copy. Since it makes a lots of disk IO, the disk IO capabalities of the database will decrease considerably. If the list of available free blocks gets full during the backup process, no clients will be served at all until the backup finishes. Regards Kalman

Another thing you have to bear in mind is that one user licence will be needed when HotCopy is running. Regards Helmut