undo shipment and undo Receipt

When an undo shipment/Receipt is taking place with the WHM MODULE i find that the QOH is Updated for a Undo Shipment and the QOH is Depleted for a Undo Receipt But, the BIN QTY remains unaltered . Can anyone tell me why ? and there is a mismatch with the QOH & As well the Bin Contents

Hi Mathews, we encountered this problem too, and I spent a few days coding a patch, which I am still debugging. The solution I used was to create and register a Warehouse Journal Line to correct the bin contents. The most tedious and delicate part was copying the dimensions to the WhseJnLine, and, even more, copying the Item Tracking information. I duplicated the manual process of retrieving the (posted) Purchase Receipt item tracking (from the Item Entry Relation table), and entering identical item tracking lines for the Warehouse Journal Line (in Warehouse Item Tracking Line table). It’s a real nuisance that item tracking is stored in different tables (e.g. on posting a warehouse receipt, the existing item tracking lines are deleted and new ones written to a different table), with table names and values that are not so intuitive. If anyone else has a different solution, it would be good to know about it too. Regards, Alastair

Hi alastair, Thanks alastair. I dont understand why mircosoft is not taking these subjects seriously to solve the GAP’s.


Originally posted by motman
I dont understand why mircosoft is not taking these subjects seriously to solve the GAP’s.

When does Microsoft ever took a subject seriously?

Hi Walter , Do you have any answer’s for this . Is your Opinion the Same.

Hi Alastair,

I am just installing NAV 2009 with the ADCS turned on.

It seems that there is still a problem with undoing a posted receipt line.

As people in warehouses do make mistakes regularly, it seems odd that this basic need is not met OR is there something that can be done with the setting up to get around it?

Your post was back in 2004 so I am hoping that coding is not still needed.

If you have any updates please share.