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I have searched in the previous postings about the question i am about to ask but have not found what i am looking for. On a purchase order if the user posted quantity received in the wrong item, what can he do? i was told to use the “Undo Receipt” but this function only works if the total Inventory of the incorrect Item is grater than the quantity to be reversed, cause sometimes we sell the items before we enter enter the qauntity received. so i cannot make a “undo receipt” in this case, can anyone give me an idea as how to solve this, either using navision Functionality or if i need to modify code.

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If you cannot undo receipt, then you would need to invoice and then create a credit memo. Then create the PO again…

Add two new lines to the PO, on the first line put the item and make the qty a negative, on the second line put the item and a positive qty, receive the negative line, and it will put the items back into inventory, when you actually get the item, then receive the second line. You original receipt is offset by the negative line.

Damn, I have really big PO’s is there any way i can get around this without showing the movement?


I’m in the same trouble, and everything is clear what did you write. But! What is that case when I have Lot No for the Item? :-o In this case I cannot set in the Undo Receipt process the sent Lot No because that was sent! [^o)]

I do not know, it is clear, but I tested it and did not works! :frowning:

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I can understand you accidentally booking in the wrong item, but then how can you not have the inventory, in reality how can you have sold the wrong item? If you have processed it you should credit the customer, you have sold the wrong item. Naturally this does not mean you can then undo the receipt you have to post the purchase invoice for the line, then raise a credit against it.

I do not have an issue undoing an item with serial tracking. What have you processed and what is the error message?

I think i might go with your way, thanks

Somtimes, actually in most cases the entering of data into the system comes last, so we would have received the items and sent it in the same day causing the wrong item to have +ve quantity and the correct item -ve quantity , with the wrong item being recieved and the correct item being sold. Now if this wrong item had -ve inventory, here when i come to make the undo is where i run into problems the exact message says “The Remaining Quantity must be X, in Item Ledger entry entry No.= Y” where X is the quantity you want to “Undo”. This case doesnt occur on a daily basis but it does occur and i need to know the best way on how to solve it.

I think you also need to control your inventory better. You are correct if you have negative inventory and book the wrong item in you cannot undo it, this is because you have already sold it. Naturally you will not have this issue with your lotted inventory. Irrelevant to the system there seems to me to be a need for better control in the processing of goods in and out to reduce these issues.