Undo Sales Shipment

Hi there,

Navision does not allow execution of Undo Shipment function for the lines of Sales shipment which are posted as part of posting of Warehouse Shipment.

Does anyone knows why such restriction is in place? With slight customization, the function can be enabled, however, I would like to know what negative impact on the application will happen if such Sales Shipment is allowed to be undone.

Thanks a lot.

To undo shipment with warehouse management, you have to delete the warehouse shipment, the registered pick, the regisered warehouse shipment, and any picks, then you can do undo-shipment.

You don’t need customization to be able to do this.


Thanks for the reply. I have tried and it does work; I never thought posted whse. document can be deleted. However, I am still wondering of why in Whse. Receipt, if he related Purch. Receipt line is undone, so is the corresponding line in the Whse. Receipt. In Whse. Shipment, however, we need to delete the posted whse. shipment (meaning deleting all the lines) before we can undo one of the related sales shipment lines.

What’s the reason of having different business logic for undoing purch. receipt and sales shipment?


Please, can you give me more details? because i am a beginner and i have problems to find all of these tables.

Thnx a loooot!

No need to go through the tables you can go from the source document down and find all the entries described. However if you are a beginner I would steer clear of the full WMS suite to begin with. You are also unlikely to get an update 3 years after the reply [:D]