Undo Receipt - Problem

Hi, I have a PO, 1 line, item line, recd goods in 3 shipments as of now. When we try to “undo receipt”, Iam geting error. “Error Message” “Item tracking Qty (-113,046) exceeds the item journal line quantity (-46,308). This Changes can’t be saved to the database” Details; Total Qty - 194,400. Qty Recd - 175,908, Qty to receive - 18,492. Qty To invoice - 194,400. Qty Recd in 3 shipments 1st - 64,800 2nd - 64,800 3rd - 46,308. Note : - we have multiple Item trcking lines for that Item line.

Hi Mani Have you sold them?


Hi Mani It will not let you unreceive something you have already sold - beacuse you have sold it. With the unreceipt it simply reverses all of the transactions, if you have already moved it on and created all the COGS and inventory transactions associated with the sale the system will not let you inreceive it. Unsure whether you should or could code around this, but this is probably why you are getting that message.

Hi Mani, are you sure you have sold the item? Your Qty to Invoice is equal to the Ordered Quantity.

Patrick, why not? You can always sell items that are received but not invoiced yet. Would be difficult to conduct business without this facility.

Hi Patrick - I believe that line refers to the purchase order - the suppliers invoice is still outstanding. Beaver - I agree with your sentiment on selling before receiving the suppliers invoice, I just believe that the system cannot handle the “unreceipt” function when an item with item tracking has been sold as it hangs off the serial/lot number for reference. I think it is a limitation of the system, hence my simple first reply [:D]

Oh silly me. Interpreted Mani’s problem incorrectly. Agree with you guys…[;)] My apologies.[:D] Mani purchased the items and then sold off the items, but he was trying to do ‘undo receipt’ for the purchase. Definitely a no-no in the system when item tracking is turned on.

Hi Steven, ok. If we sold then we can’t do the undoshipment. If the goods is not sold, not used for production… Then if there is any reason to get the above said error…?

Hi Mani From memory you will not get this message if the receipt is fully in stock if you are using serilaisation or lots. I am on 3.70 running hotfix 12 I think - what version are you on?