The Dynamics Community Competion 2007

Dear members,

After a few years where the website of the Dynamics User Group has been a bit unreliable due to bad performing servers, then DUG is now back and better than before with the highest number of daily visitors ever. But we would love to see more members getting more active in the community. Because this is how we look at the Dynamics User Group. is not just a website, we are a community of end-users, consultants, recruiters, developers, sales people and freelancers etc. And in a community we help each other in whatever way we can.

Some users come here and just uses the search function and then read a few posts, before they jump to the next site or back to their work after having found the right answer to their problems. These users are of cause very welcome here. But the users we really love are the ones who sign up and become a member and contributes to the community. Most new members are beginners in the Dynamics world, and of cause start by asking a lot of question, but slowly we see that they know answers to some of the questions in here.

So therefor we will today start a competion to get more members active. The competion will be for all members of the Dynamics User Group, except admis and moderators.


Tonight 12am CET I was running a dump of all members giving a complete list of the points of each member. December 10th (I’m not able do it on the 9th as my mom has her 70th birthday party!) the competion will finish, in time for the books to be able to arrive before xmas. During the next month I will periodically post the results to date, so that you can follow who is leading (only the top 50 will be listed).

How do you win?

The winner will be the member who have gotten most new community points in the period of the competion.

How are community points calculated?

You get community points for everything you contribute to the community. And we see that the person who are asking the good questions as just as important and valuable as the ones answering the questions.

Posts and comments: So you get points (5) for all posts you make, even if you post a reply in a forum, write a blog entry, or make a comment to either a blog or file (in the download section). In the forums you also get 10 points for reply to your posts and 5 point for each person replying to your post (so if the same person replies more than once to the same posts it only counts as one). You don’t get points for reply to your own posts (except the 5 points for creating a new posts. Tip: Write good and interesting blog posts, for each reply you get 10 points. Come with great answers to the questions in the forums, answers other members want to rate or add to their list of favorites. Always write a “Thank you” reply (and mark who answered the post) when you have gotten an answer to your questions as that will give you additionally 5 points.

Upload files: You also get points (5) if you upload a file to the download section. And for each person who downloads the file you have uploaded, you get additionally 5 point. So if you have created a great little tool or add-on that you want to share with the community, and 100 members downloads this file, then you get 500 points. Please notice that the admins and download moderators will delete any copyrighted files.

Rating posts and files: You have properly also seen that some posts have been rated and gotten between one and five stars. This is a way for you to tell other members what you thought about this post or file. In the forums you can rate the specific reply (ex. if you think an answer was either very good or bad) or you can rate the original posts. In the blogs and download section you can only rate the original post. You get 5 point for each post that you are rating and the poster of the rated post get 10 points for each star you are giving the post.

Favorites: If you have a forum post which you think is something special and you like to be able to find again, then you can save this post as a favorite to your profile. If you do this then the person who posted the post will receive 25 points.

Friends: Are your fiends and co-workers members here? Do you want to win? Then tell them about the user group, tell them to become a member and to add you as a friend. If your friends and co-workers are already members, then still tell them to add you as a friend! For every person who have added you as a friend you get 100 points. So if you have 10 friends, then you get 1000 points!

Here is what you can win

Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV - The new book by DUG member David Studebaker - or
Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 - Need-to-knows for AX consultants and developers - or
Successfully Implementing Microsoft Dynamics - I haven’t actually read this book, but it sure sounds very interesting. It’s on my wish list for xmas…

If you win, then you can choose one of the above books. It will be shipped to the address you choose.

If you have any questions, then please post them here.

Here almost half through the competion here are the current list Top 50 Points List:

Top 50 User # User Name Point 09-11-2007 Point 24-11-2007 New Points
1 2165 Marq 25682 28197 2515
2 2101 Anonymous 2985 4280 1295
3 2100 admin 66293 66897 604
4 2136 David Singleton 54331 54741 410
5 2205 nunomaia 23024 23422 398
6 29535 AdamRoue 23395 23790 395
7 2282 sander7 3580 3875 295
8 2129 stryk 9655 9945 290
9 31202 gison 285 285
10 2473 kriki 4480 4715 235
11 3406 angelina 385 590 205
12 2201 Patty 1680 1880 200
13 2223 robertc 4890 5090 200
14 31142 ikkyu 5 190