New Group -

Just wanted to let you all know about a new user group, The goal is to offer a hybrid support / social networking site for Navision professionals, whether they be developers / implementers / end users / or anything else. The pickings are kind of slim right now, but we are adding content and functionality every week. So check it out, add some content of your own. You can make forum posts, keep a blog, or if you’re interested in writing articles we are working on that functionality. I’m looking forward to your feedback and contributions.


Welcome to the world of Dynamics communities. I wish the best luck with your new site. I love most of the other sites in the Dynamics community, as I have always loved competion. Basically I would say that if the Dynamics User Group didn’t have such a strong “competitor” as mibuso, then we would have been so big and strong today. Competion makes you work harder and provide a better “product”, all to benefit of the customers (community members).

I like the concept you’re planning to do, the social networking part. That’s exactly what you’re going to see here at when the software we base this site upon (Community Server) will be released in it’s 2008 version in Q1 next year. Then you’re will find the bits and pieces what will change this site into a “full scale” community. But I’ll look forward to see if the members will actually use it.