DynamicsUser.Net Member Point System - Updated

You properly have all seen it. The Points field show next to every member and with all forum posts.

Previously said about the Member Point System:
“Seriously though, I think the points system is good, because if implemented correctly it should give newmebers the ability to quickly asses the value of a reply they get to a post. In the configuration though, one thing is for sure, there should be no points for replying to your self. And of course there is the odd curiosity that you get more points for asking a question than for answering it. Personally I woud prefer a system where users votes count more than just volume. i.e. use the stars.” and
“the idea of the points system shoud be that if you search for posts, then a post from a user with more points should count more than form a user with lower points.” by David Singleton

"I for one does not agree with an automatic point-system. I belive in QUALITY and not QUANTITY.
As David are sayng, it would be good, if one could rate the individual posts and replies. I have having to browse thrugh 6182 messages, stating they also have the problem - but other than that not add any more detail." by Henrik Helgesen

You get points for new posts, points for answering and your post points increase depending upon the replies, but also, and that’s more interesting, upon the rating of your posts. You also get additional points if your posts are selected as a Favorite, or if you are selected as a Favorite.


Changed from our previous setup is that you now get more points based on how your post (Forum, Blog og Download File) has been rated.

And in order to get more members to Rate, the rater will also get points each time he/she is rating a posts. It’s also QUALITY that a members is taking the time to rate another members post, even if they rate it as not so good (you can rate a post as: Poor, Fair, Average, Good or Excellent). For each star you are giving, then more points the post gets. You don’t get any points for rating your own posts!


Each time you set a post or member as a favorite, then the post get 25 points, or the member 100 points. You are doing this to help you self (you have your favorites list under your own profile) and to “reward” the poster or the member for being a good community member.

And that really rounds it up:

The Member Point System is a way to give the community members a “reward” for their contribution to the user group. It’s a way of the members to thank the other members who are trying to help the other members.

How did you rate theold posts from MBSOnline?

Well I just ran the job to recalc the points. And since the old system was not threaded like this system, then all replies were seen as replies to the original post. So if you look at some of the old posts then you can see that the reply points all goes to the original poster. So not all fair! But the best we can do…

I was just wondering why my “points to Posts” ratio dropped so much. [:^)]

Properly because you where very good at answering questions, which only gave you 5 points per answer, whereas the poster got all the replies. But you also get for downloads.

Actually I just found out that the “Break Space” forum also was set to count. Here you got 1045 points for the “beer” thread and Mark got 4680 points for the “1,2,3…Friday” thread. Next time I do an update for the points this will be corrected… Then we all get a knock down…

It actually looks like CS already have deducted all the points from the “Breakspace” forum, although it’s still displaying the points on the posts…

Yep it looks like my points are definitely going down [:’(]

Well then you have so much more to work for! [;)]

Looks liek I need to ask more questions than I answer [H]

Oh and what about points for Blogs. We really need more of our bloggers to get active, so maybe some points?

Blogs are still “just posts” and works the same in regards to points as the forum posts. And so does downloads.