Dynamicsuser.net site news

A lot has happened here on DUG since my last update just a week ago.

Last week we got the performance issue solved, that has caused the site to perform very slow for at least 3-4 years!

So not only does the site now run faster, than it ever did, but I’ve also initiated a process to upgrade the site from the current Community Server 2008.5 to Telligent Community 9.0. And although the database will be able to upgrade and run in the new version. Then it will look very different. The whole structure of the site will be changed, in a way similar to how it is on Dynamics Communities. In fact they are also running Telligent Community - but “only” version 7.x. This means that users who are familiar with their site, will find the same features and functions here on DUG.

It also means that our blog section here on DUG, will continue to remain and be enhanced so that it matches the requirements bloggers have in 2015 (as opposed to 2008). If you want dug to host your blog, then please contact me. It’s free and hosting your blog with us, also means that your blog automatically will get a higher pagerank, for everyone searching (on Google etc.) for anything about Microsoft Dynamics, than if you hosted it under your own domain name.

Our other “applications” (documentation, downloads, wiki etc.) are also going to be located under the different “product groups” (AX, NAV, CRM etc.). Today they are organized like root/application/product group/application. Instead it’s going to be root/product group/applications.

This news is the best news I had for years. The last 3-4 years I have spend 1000’s of hours on working on finding a replacement for Community Server, after Telligent cancelled their “Microsoft community program”. And despite I had fully completed a migration of the site 2 times, then it would not have been the same.

The upgrade is going happen this fall, and by Q1 2016, then we should be able to go live with an upgraded site.