Special fields in the prod. header Table

Hi All, Could some one help me to understand under what scenarios the following fields in the prodcution header table is updated by the system?. I understand its a system generated information, if I update the modify the information through an external program run does it have any serious implication? Planned Order No. Firm Planned Order No. Simulated order No. The reason being I have setup different order numbering (I mean relationships) for various catergories production order. The order flow goes from planned to Finished and production order numbers should be tracked according to the various series relationships with the same number from the time of creation to finished. It seems that during changing statuses, its picking the next numbers and the checks are made on the above fields. Awaiting any kind of help from forum is appretiated. Thanks Cheers Sreekanth

Hi For a better answer from the technical standpoint you may want to post this in the developers forum, any work developers have done will assist in this. Basically as the stages generate new numbers from seperate number series in standard navision the number of the planned order is unlikely to be that of the released order. The first reason for this is the nature of the planned, and firm planned orders. There is no commitment to make with a planned order, and a soft commitment with a firm planned order. The real moment the order is released is when it takes on its true form. In essence you could create 10 production orders - 1 through 10, delete 1-4, then firm plan 6 and release 5, leaving 7-10 planned. As they have number series the system takes the next number, meaning you could not have the same number due to the ability to release later orders before earlier orders. I see no reason from a non-technical reason to keep the same order throughout, but you may get a very patchy finished production order trail if you do not complete every planned order (system generated or manually entered). Also as the system holds the number of the planned, and firm planned order you should from the finished order be able to trace back which planned, and/or firm planned order originated the order, so depending upon your requirements this may suffice. Still if you want to make the change, ask the developers, although the developer forum of course may hate the implications and work involved in making this change [:D] Simulated is just a pre-planning stage, more for estimating, but you probably will not start at this level??? So I have ignored it.

Hi steven, Thanks for your suggestions and your point of view is correct. anyway I will close this thread as I have planned the changes and thanks for your fast response. Cheers Sreekanth