Production Project Order

Hi, Can someone guide me on:- 1. how to create a project based production order 2 & how to track the progress of that project order Regards, Kelvin

Hi Kelvin Could you clarify your statement. Do you mean a production order assigned to a project or do you mean the planning process of creating what Navision calls a “Project Order” whereby the production order contains a like for like creation of the sales order. The answers are very different!

Hi Steven, Thanks for your reply. Umm, since you mentioned it. I am interested to know how both works? [:D] 1. production order assigned to a project (possible?) 2. Project Order" whereby the production order contains a like for like creation of the sales order - Does it create a Prod Order for each SO line or a Prod Order per SO? Regards, Kelvin

Hi Kelvin Well for a production order associated with a Project you define the Project Code on the header of the order - if the Project code is already on the sales order and you create the production order from the sales order it will carry this across. You then follow it through standard processes. If you create a project order from a sales order it will create ONE production order with all the manufactured items on the same order. My memory tells me this did not work in 3.60 or before but I cannot remember why. I believe it does work in 3.70 upwards. You can then follow it through manufacturing, or sales can see the progress by using the order tracking funcion, from there the production order button and value entries give you the results of the booking of production, although many users will modify this to show a more userr friendly approach to progress.

Hi Steven, Thanks for the answers. Its been a great help to me. Sincerely, Kelvin