Attaching No. Firm Planned PO Series in Planned PO

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Is it possible to define the next Firm Planned No. Series in NAV when trying to change the status from planned PO to Firm Planned PO? I’m trying to separate the Transactions by using No. Series.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0

MS SQL 2000

If you define differenct no. series in Firm Planned Order Nos. in manufacturing setup, the nav automatically pickup next no from Firm Planned Order Nos. series and create…

I already have Firm Planned No. Series in Firm Planned PO Form, but when I tried to change status of Planned PO to Firmed Planned PO, it generates the default No Series.

How will I be able to link what Firm Planned No. Series will generate next as I change status from PLanned to Firm Planned.

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Do you want like this…

Last Planned Prod. Order No : 1001

Last Firm Planned Prod. Order No : 2004

If you create New Planned Prod. Order, yiu will get 1002…

If you Change status to Firm Planned Prod. Order, do you want to get 2005 for Firm Planned Prod. Order?

If this is the case…Navision is already doing that…

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But it should work like this,

New Planned PO No. VALPP-O00001

New Planned PO No. CEBPPO-0001

If I change the status of VALPP-O00001 to Firm Planned it must generate FPPO No. VALFPPO-000001 sincve I set No. series onto it.

If I change the status of CEBPP-O00001 to Firm Planned it must generate FPPO No. CEBFPPO-000001 sincve I set No. series onto it.

Is it possible? I have to separate Production Orders in different batches that’s why I’m using different No. series per batch.

Hope it becomes possible.


in standard nav it is not possible…you need to customize for this by adding no.series’s per location wise?

IF VALPP-0001 on location1

and CEBPP-0001 on location2

exactly… that’s it… thanks for the response. Is it a serious customization? Meaning will it tokk more time to code?

nothing much…just add a field in location code for new No. Series and

In Codeunit 5407 - Prod. Order Status Management,

TransProdOrder function assign “No.” from location wise No.series( Create a function to get the No.series from location)

IF (ToProdOrder.GetNoSeriesCode <> GetNoSeriesCode) AND
(ToProdOrder.Status <> ToProdOrder.Status::Finished)
ToProdOrder.“No.” := ‘’;

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