problem with the customization done


As I cant add or delete a field in a production order table instead of that i have created one more table which is similar to prod.order table and in assigned look up form and drill down form id similar to prod.order table.

But when i create create firm plan pro.order the list is empty it is not showing the order i have created.

Where is my mistake plz help me

Since you say you can create a new table, that tells me you have the “Table Designer” granule. So my question is “Why can’t you add a field to the Prod. Order table?”

s u r rite but when i try to add a field it is saying your license does not have permission to add XX Field in to the table

I have table designer as u said

What to do now plz tell me

Hi Micheal,

are you a developer? Consultant? End user? what exactly?

If you are planning to do development in Navision, you really do need to attend training classes first. If you just randomly play with the system, you might get there, but at least you need first to learn the basics.

PS moved to the beginners forum.

Add a field number in the object range permitted to you.

Light touch paper and retreat to a safe distance.

Hey David,

Do you recommend classes online or instructor led? I often gripe about things I don’t know in the system and developers tell me “Oh just play with the system and figure it out” like learning C-side is a child’s thing (…after consideration and going throught he code I AM surprised at how ledible the code is, very much like C#/C++ which I kind of like ) but still I don’t think that’s adequate.

I’d like to know where to go to become a developer for the system? Getting your hands dirty can only go so far … it’s easier to pick it up through an academic.


You get the basics by studying the official training materials for the developer classes (of course in addition to the documentation in the Doc folder of the product CD, and the online resources: Some people can do this without an instructor, some people need to be in a class. It depends on what type of person you are. Me I’m a bit in the middle, I can do it without, but I always enjoy being in a class, it keeps me on track and it’s easier for me to focus and dedicate.

If you don’t have access to the official stuff, I recommend Dave Studebaker’s book:

From there you should have enough of a base to be able to figure out anything. Of course the BEST way to figure things out is to have someone who really knows the standard functionality show you how the standard product works, and a close second is for technical folks to also put some serious time into doing the functional training. For technical people I do recommend they take the class for this, because it is difficult to imagine how it works without personal attention.

Wow Thanks DenSter. [Y]

Thats the best help recommendation I’ve gotten from anyone yet.

P.S. - sorry to go off topic on your Post Michael. Hope you get the answers you’re looking for.

I think iy would help you and this community if you would post a brief description of the functionality that you want to achieve compared to the standard functions. I always find it useful to stop and thnik and write about the requirement before I embark on any development work.

Hi Micheal,

Try creating new fields in the 50000-99999 range in Production Order table. I think you were giving Field ID out of 50000-99999 range.

Hope this helps