Production Order Numbers

NAV 2013

When I change a Firm Planned Production Order into a Released production order, the order number changes.

We need to keep the same order number throughout the status changes.

How do I do this ?


Dave K

Hi Dave,

I think it should be enough to setup the same no. series for firm planned and release prod. orders.

Best regards,


Thanks, that solve a big problem for us.

Dave K

Thanks, that solve a big problem for us.

Dave K

What if you have manually entered a released production order in between?

As they would pick from the same no. Series that shouldn’t be a problem…

I have tried this out and even when I change status in a different sequence to how I created them, they still maintain their original number. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Example: I create Planned Prod Orders 100001, 100002 and 10003

I promote 100002 to Firm Planned

Now I have a Firm planned prod order 100002 etc.


Dave K.