Planning Worksheet Plans Same Production Orders Again and Again

I have run into a problem when I run my planning worksheet. Each time I run it, it says that i need to create 19 new production orders. The same orders every time. In addition, the assemblies already have more production orders than sales orders. I am running Nav 5.0 using the standard Navision Database. Does anyone have any ideas?


Barry Walsh

are you creating the 19 production orders, then run replenishment again, and getting the same proposition?

Yes. It is telling me to duplicate the production orders.

I have a solution. The problem lies with the database’s base calendar non-working days schedule. Apparently, several sales orders were entered in that contained shipment dates that spanned into 2009. The sales orders were entered in before the base calendar non-working days were updated to include 2009. As a result, some of the days scheduled for shipment were non-working days. Somehow this confused Navision and was causing it to duplicate the production orders. After I changed the dates, the problem went away.

PS. We went live with Navision about 2 weeks ago and so far I hate it. It seems to be a huge money pit! Hopefully this will improve.

Barry Walsh

Hi Barry

Please try and post in the correct forum [:D] It is more for you, it means you have a better chance of getting an answer.

I have seen projects where money has been thrown at NAV, but this is not usually the sole fault of the partner. Some companies do not want to “waste money” on analysis beforehand and then see endless creep from the standard software. NAV is great, you can modify it to do anything, but this is also awful. No one changes the system to specifically yours for free, you need to analyse the changes from a business perspective, what is critical, what is a nice to have, then analyse the cost and the ROI, is it worth it.

I obviously do not know your details, but with proper controls you can prevent it beinf a money pit and it can turn a quick ROI.

Thanks, What would be a good forum to ask this type of quesiton in? Do you have the address?

Supply Chain and Maanufacturing - the one I moved it too [:D]

It would have been too complex for the beginners forum.